Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What to do in an awkward situation

Dear David,
I went to a lecture recently followed by a reception by candelight. At the food table a homeless man stood riveted, reeking a variety of smells - the most pleasant of which was underarm. And he wouldn’t move as if he was afraid someone would avail themselves of the victuals. How would you have handled it? He stepped into a dream.
~Toivo Baubache

Dear Toivo,
With that name, what country could you have come from? Dreamland perhaps. As for your homeless man, perhaps he was stunned at the plenty before him and did not know what to do next. I think I would have stepped up and said, “Could I help you with something?” offering him a plate. I think the homeless, like the mentally ill, suffer from being ignored. Everybody acts as though they are not there. You must act as though they are clearly there. It welcomes them back into the real world and out of that dream.

(photo via bravotv.com)

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