Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is Beauty Important?

Dear Davidina,
I just read your blog and you are always going on about beauty. Is it really so important? Isn’t your take on it kind of superficial?

Dear Fallopia,
Davidina? I love it. I think I will put a new cabaret act together featuring Davidina DeLux. How about that?

Okay, beauty. This comes to my mind. E.B. White the writer, said of New York, “Beautiful women are the flowers of the city.” The Victorians thought exterior beauty revealed a beautiful soul within. I wrote an article for Vogue once and I said, “Everyone is beautiful at their best.” You have to take yourself and be your best physically. In our culture, television, movies, mass sports, everything makes us into spectators. I don’t want to be a spectator. I want to live and I think you should too. And if you want to live you must bring everything you’ve got to the party. Yes, you need to make the world more beautiful. When I was dancing at the Opera in New York a friend said, “You’re very smart, David, but nobody wants to f@#k brains.” I learned my lesson.

(Photo above of Saki Rouva)

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