Thursday, March 1, 2012

Uno de 50 & Tab Hunter vs. Henry the Eighth

PUL0650 | Anclado al mar | Unisex silver plated chain bracelet | $129

If you are in Miami Beach check out Uno de 50 on Lincoln Road. Uno de 50 has great jewelery at great prices. Very front edge. Big gems, silver, leather. I love it. Very simple yet elegant jewelry/fashion for men and women. Check it out!


Tab Hunter

Henry the Eighth

Dear David,
I married a Tab Hunter lookalike and now have wound up with Henry the Eighth’s twin. I do not feel like having sex with him at all. Do I have to?

Dear U.N.,
Can you spell “No”? No you do not have to sleep with someone who has lost all their sexual appeal. Particularly by eating too much. I cannot understand these people who would rather eat then “f*ck.” As they say in the modeling industry, “Lose twenty pounds and come back.” Good luck.

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  1. Yeah,right, we're all married to Tab Hunter lookalikes.There are alot of people who need to post pics,cuz these guys are EVERYWHERE!