Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion & Mother Advice

Our fashion day is a bit of this and that today:

How about this men's look? Is it too girly? I don't think so. I think the kind of floppy pants, T-shirt and short simple jacket is just taking the basic elements of what a lot of men are wearing and making them a little dressier. The pop-eyed guy wearing it is John Skelton who has a trendy store in London called LN-CC.

I'm not sure wear I stand on big bags. They are definitely over for women but I think for men they make sense. You have those gym clothes, lots of documents and stuff all the time. This is a sort of expensive one from Dunhill but it will last forever.

And finally, my favorite jeweler David Yurman has just branched out into really high end jewels. Here's a new emerald bracelet he has just done that I think is great. I won't mention the price. None of us can afford it. But he makes many things you can afford. Check him out...


Dear David,
This is a question about my mother. As she ages she complains more and more that I do not pay enough attention to her. Tell me what to do. The more she complains the less I want to talk to her.
~The Hapless Child

Dear Hapless,
Buy her things. Most problems go away when you throw money at them, Buy her a cashmere pullover. A brooch. A jacket. Things she will not thing of buying herself. She can brag to her friends how you are keeping her stylish. This works.

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