Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trying to Find A Life Partner

Dear Diva,
Here's my problem. I am 47. Still attractive but feeling more and more out of place in clubs looking for younger men. And I stress "younger men." I can see this is not going anywhere in trying to find a life partner. What do you have as an answer for this?
~A Mature Male

Dear Mr. Mature Male,
Thanks for calling me a Diva. I am sort of. What do they say "A Legend in My Own Mind"? Anyway, you have a problem a lot of gay men have. And it isn't so much that a young man is out of the question as a partner but that you have a series of young men and I'll bet you do exactly the same thing sexually with each one. You need to move on, sleep with the same person a lot of times and see where you go sexually. You need to explore yourself, more than just do something that is just a step away from an inflatable doll or masturbation. Think about this and I am going to write you more on Monday.

Fashion scoop for today, primarily for women:

1. This is a fantastic John Galliano dress in 2006 photographed by Nick Knight. Now that Mr. Galliano has disgraced himself by drinking and drugging too much and then insulting people in bars we won't see a lot more of these. He must have been trying to wreck his career just to get out of it. It a woman is going to wear a great dress, this is it. From Dior. It much still be around somewhere in somebody's closet.

2. Here is a fashion trend you do NOT need to follow. Heavy Black shadow under your eyes. This makes your eyes look smaller. This is anti-makeup. Please do not do it.

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