Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just Noticing Some Trends for You...

The fashion report this week is just noticing some trends for you:

1. After telling you last week that there are much older male models surfacing, I find that there is suddenly a rash of floppy-haired blondes in all the magazines. This is a new type and they aren't the skinny clothes horses we've been seeing for the past number of years. Is this the return of the Norsemen? We shall see.

2. A fashion report using young guys from the street shows up with that long, long hair again. You could go for it. If I was 15 to 18 I think I would certainly be doing it...

3. I just want to say that a lot of the fashion news seems to me to be very much the same old thing. When I first went to New York in 1955 (yes 1955) these clothes would not have looked at all out of place.

4. This new redcoat from Burberry is popping up everywhere. Who is going to wear this? My guess is metrosexuals to show they are not afraid of color. I think gay men will think this is too gay. It has to be worn by a non-gay. Note the headgear.

5. There are a lot of strange new head things going on for winter. I like this. Alburtus Swanepol is generating some of them. They are based in New York, but the name sounds Belgian, doesn't it?

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