Monday, October 3, 2011

Sweedie-Pie with a Career Question

Dear David,
This is not a sexual problem but more of a career problem. I am Swedish, 22 years old, and I think pretty bilingual. I have been visiting Miami Beach, which I love. I have finished college, have no career destiny and wonder what I could do to connect me to Miami Beach. I do notice that the apartment prices here are much lower than their equivalent in Stockholm. But how to get enough money together to buy one?

Dear Sweedie,
You should probably call yourself Sweedie-Pie, after the American cartoon character Sweetie-Pie. Listen, you seem to be very lingual from your message, which cannot be that common. This is what hits me immediately. See some real estate people while you are here. Then go to Stockholm and start selling Miami Beach apartments and houses to Swedish retirees. The prices should look good to them and the weather is certainly far superior to Sweden in the winter. I'll bet you could do this. If you need some real estate contacts email me at and I will help you out.

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