Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Find a Good Man...

Dear Mature Male,

This is the second part of a communication we started last Thursday. You’re the mature man of 47 who doesn’t feel like hanging out in clubs trying to pick up young men anymore.

First, let’s just think about whether you want to sleep (have sex) with another person more than a few times. If you think you can go beyond your repetitive sex pattern to exciting things with the same person, then here’s the plan:

Go to night school. Take something you are interested in but that will be primarily men. Automobile repair? Carpentry? There are probably all kinds of electronic stuff I know nothing about - IT, design, etc. There you will be with the same group of men for at least several months. They are the kind of men who want to learn more, grow more, go somewhere with their lives. A young man who interests you from this group will be a better bet for a long term relationship. Give this a go. I promise you, there will be some gay men there.

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