Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things To Do When You Feel Lonely

Dear David,
You may not remember me, but I knew you in New York some time ago when I was a photographer's assistant and you were Worldwide Creative Director for Revlon at Grey Advertising. You were openly gay then and made no big deal about it. And wore an Yves St. Laurent safari suit around New York when that was quite a startling look. Anyway, now that we are both past the mature period of our lives I find many friends are dead and I know fewer and fewer people. It's getting lonely. What do you do?
~Little Bit Lonely

Dear Little Bit,
Please, don't be lonely. Whenever I get a little depressed I direct my attention to others. I think contributing some time everyday to some charitable work is a great thing to do. I plan to work in a soup kitchen for the homeless when I have the time. There you will meet a lot of younger, charitably-minded people and even among the homeless you will meet some interesting people. How about volunteering at an orphanage or hospital with kids? There are so many people that could use your time and attention. Give it to them. I promise you won't be lonely anymore. And your overall health, energy and interest in life will pop, too, I'm sure.

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