Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How should I feel?

Dear David,
I am a career woman who has just passed 30. I feel frantic at my need to secure a man before it is "too late." On the other hand I want very much to have a career and have the security of my own ability to earn money. At the moment I am seeing a man who I am very attached to emotionally but whose career prospects are not as good as mine. Which he knows and doesn't like. I don't think this is the man I should marry or will marry but I worry about my future in this area also. I don't want to be alone. How should I feel?
~Ms. Modern Living

Dear Ms. Mod,
You said it! You probably know how I feel about the 21st century and the place of women in it. This is the century when women become truly equal. If you are having a fulfilling romantic experience with this guy, go for it. It doesn't have to result in marriage.

You know I always say you can only look ten years younger than you are. I'll bet you look great and don't give yourself the same deadlines as previous generations. If you can pay your bills and that of a child or two all by yourself there are men you are going to look very good to. The one thing I do think is let men chase you. Don't chase them. Join up with someone who really wants you. It always works out best. You have plenty of time, my dear. You are really only 22, remember that.

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