Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Model from Players 2

As I said last week, I am adding sex questions to everyday reports. But Wednesday is still Handsomest Man in the World Day! My selection is a model from Rick Day's new photo book "Players 2 | The Art of Sex and Sports." This is a very sexy book, and this model has got it. He has to be a soccer player with those thighs. He's the Handsomest Man in the World this week!


Dear David,
I feel I am only satisfied sexually and only feel comfortable with exotic beauties. Both in bed and out in public. I don't think I am vain when I say I am kind of a model type and can score these kinds of lovers. But I'm afraid I'm becoming superficial. I feel like my relationships are fundamentally about sex. But still I'm wondering should I continue to just go with it or should I try to reform myself and look for other qualities to turn me on?

Dear Dissatisfied,
Beauty does turn us on but within each beauty is a real person. Sex is important but if you are just repeating the same kind of sex act and only changing the person you need to think about this. What you do in bed depends a lot on where you and the other person are heading in your sex relationship. Look for the feeling that you don't want this person to escape from your life. It's all about intimacy. Sex is a part of it but added is that you are a team facing life together. That is what you should be looking for. You are not superficial. You are just in the first phase of looking for intimacy.

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