Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For True Lover

For today I wanted to add something more for True Lover, whose question I answered yesterday. Do not abandon pornography altogether. I thought more about this and remembered that I had read an interview with Buckminster Fuller, the famous avante garde architect and suddenly out of the blue in the interview he said something like, "And don't forget how important pornography is as you get older."

I would not have expected this from him but here's my suggestion:
Check out period porn from twenty and thirty years ago. Or even ten. Before it became so routine. The people involved were actually interested in having sex with each other. There aren't all the camera angles and fancy lighting. I have one with Joe Dallesandro, the Andy Warhol star - from before he met Andy awhen he was very young guy in Los Angeles. Pretty hot. Track some of this stuff down online.

(Photo of Joe Dallesandro by Andy Warhol)

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