Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Should I Take A Friendship to the Next Level?

Dear DGD,
My problem is one that probably many people have. At the moment I do not have a lover or boyfriend. I have a good friend with whom I go to the movies, lunches, concerts, parties - that sort of thing. We really like each other and get along fine. But very recently I have begun to ask myself if I am not falling in love with him. I have no idea how he feels but I don't get any strong sense that he is romantically interested in me. What should I do?
~In A Quandry

Dear Mr. Quandry,
Here's what I think. For the moment do nothing. I want you to be sure you are really, really interested and not just going through a bit of a period with no love object. Love can creep up on you. I have had friends of some years suddenly announce they are interested in me in other ways so it can happen.

If the moment comes when you are sure you are in love with this guy or can be, state your case. Go to lunch, tell him how you feel. If he in no way feels the same it will probably end your friendship as it will be difficult for you to return to an earlier phase of your relationship with him. Or he may be harboring similar feelings. Don't be afraid to put it out there on the the table. But be prepared to go to the nearest bed. He may be wanting to get it on, too. But be brave and attack, but only when you are sure that is what you want.

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