Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Show Opens Tomorrow Night!

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It's Fashion Day!

I'm going to do women's fashion for the most part today. I thought this look of long slim pants and a matching top with men's style bomber jacket looks really good and new. Notice the short hair in a kind of sideswept bang. The heels are ok but you don't have to go there. It's very boyish without being mannish.

The long tight pants with the pink coat does this look also and note she's wearing tiny loafers. This is a very good look. Really, really plain but the pink makes it very memorable and you can wear it a lot of times. My big problem with a lot of fashion is that you can only wear it two or three times and then your friends think it's the only thing you have to wear. This stuff is much more in the French tradition where you buy something fairly expensive and wear it out. I like that.

This Dolce and Gabbana ad featuring Scarlett Johansson has shorter hair in that kind of old Hollywood look that I think is great (annnnd our favorite Handsomest Man in the World David Gandy!). I think men have much more inclination to touch this kind of hair than the long, straight look. And also this looks like a woman. The long, straight thing is strictly a girl.

Lastly for fashion, how about this DSquared red suit for men? I like their clothes a lot. And I am not big on men's necklaces but I think with the T-shirt and the suit, this could work.

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